Marketing for Others

Marketing is the lifework of the human,
by the human, for the human.

The art of making a living through communication.
We are making a living through communication.
The market is formed through “someone” using time and money for “something”.
Making that market activate is our job.
We are making communications that we’d like you to think of making certain organizations, products and services be able to be a different “someone” for the benefit of ”something”.
In order to achieve this reality, we will communicate as much as we can everyday. That is the type of company we are.


In the broad world of marketing, you will create frame work for client projects.
and form tactics and strategies in marketing and communication.
We expect you to have penetration and observation power equal to client, to create emotional and logical ideas with objective view based on a marketing know how.
Form tactics, Undergo efficient team assignment and building aimed at achieving goals, Undergo output quality, scheduling and cost control.
This positions requires; “Wow” inspiring creative power to organize tactics, a strong emotional reaction to the world around you, relations in and out of the company and the communication skills to conduct business smoothly.
Working together with the client and internal and external teams, you will work on creative and enact promotions.
This position requires; tactics and strategies, an understanding of peoples intensions and communication skills to conduct business smoothly.
  • ・Address of office
    #1F, 1-16-1, Higashi, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0011, JAPAN
  • ・ Employment pattern
    Employees / Contract employees / Project members / Part time workers etc…
  • ・ Office hours
    10am 〜 7pm(Flexible time system、Discretionary labor system applied)
  • ・ Designated closing hours / Holidays
    2 day a week off system(Saturday/Sunday), Public holidays, End of Year/New years, Summer vacation, Yearly paid vacation, Special Holidays
  • ・ Salary
    Discussed based on the applicants business experience, communication and varied other skills, and the level of curiosity in the applicant